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Psycho Lab

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  • "Let's measure it"
  • We provide You Psychological Evaluations and Testing of
    - Personal Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
    - Team work efficiency
    - Work site health

Workgroup solutions

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  • "You're thinking of team building? Start with workgroups!"
  • Before starting your team building programs build effective workgroups using work group trainings and seminars. After your team building programs create and maintain a supportive team work environment using work group solutions.

    we provide You:
    - Workgroup audit
    - Technical support for effective workgroup performance
    - Workgroup trainings and seminars

Leadership consultancy

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  • "people join companies, but leave managers"
  • Our leadership consultancy programs are dedicated to the professional selection of potential leaders and continuous development of acting executives.

    we offer You:
    - Leadership recruitment
    - Executive selection and assessment
    - Leadership skills training and coaching programs
    - Management coaching and seminars

Organisational development

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  • "everything is perfect, but nothing works?"
  • we offer You:

    Organisational audit
    We carry out various forms of organisational audit in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the structures and processes of the organisation. We can examine your management performance, work flow, team performance, internal communications and motivational systems.

    Coaching and training for organisation performance
    Our training repertoire includes: leadership and management trainings, change management and lean project trainings.